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Cernícalo primilla

Other projects

O-Live collaborates with other entities by getting involved in projects whose goals fit in O-Live objectives. The collaboration, the exchange of experiences, knowledge and networking, result in benefits for biodiversity conservation.  

Conservationist movement  whose fundamental objective is the protection of Montagu's Harriers in Andalusia. It is formed by environmental volunteer associations and groups of naturalists Andalusia. Montagu's Harriers is the European raptor that is suffering the greatest decline in its populations in the last 15 years. It is one of the few ground breeding raptors that choose natural meadows. The expansion of agriculture replaced this type of vegetation by cereal meadows that in harmony with the ancestral forms of culture offered a perfect nesting place of the eaglets. This harmony was broken by the arrival of productivist agriculture.

Our society has a great debt to its rivers. These genuine biological corridors have been fundamental for human development, providing a source of resources and energy, as comunication ways or as erosion and river floods control. Moreover, cannot be ignored their ability to regulate climate and their value as natural landscapes. Andarríos approaches to Andalusian rivers to rise awareness and promoting participatory evaluation and action for their environmental quality.

The Volunteer Network of Sierra Grazalema born with the intention to promote citizen participation in the conservation of this natural area, to foster a respectful voluntary commitment to the environment and the environment surrounding the towns that are in and around the Park. Goals:
- Involve citizens through direct participation in the conservation of the Park.
- Foster a personal commitment to achieving behaviors and attitudes respectful with the environment.
- Enhance participatory social action for knowledge, assessment and correction of problems the Park.
- Information, awareness and preventive monitoring of Protected Natural Area.

After 30 years extinct as a breeding species in Spain, ospreys are coming back. To learn about the growth of this species populations, census are being carried out. Thanks to the collaboration of many volunteers involved in monitoring this species in the so-called "citizen science" it is possible to cope with the tracking of these birds and thereby improve the conservation status of the Andalusian population.

The main objective of this program is to know the evolution of the population of different species of nocturnal birds during breeding season in Spain. This is a group of birds very little studied due to the added difficulty of tracking species during night.There are very few species and they are easy to identify so that anyone can participate in this program.

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