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Our projects

O-Live develops a series of conservation projects aiming to solve specific problems within the Sierra de Grazalema.

The creation of an Ecological Reserve seeks to demonstrate the wealth and the importance of agricultural systems as a refuge for biodiversity.

pollos lechuza campestre O-Live
Olivares Vivos

The conversion of an abandoned traditional olive grove into a productive and environmentally friendly cultivation are the aims of this project.

The degradation of water systems threatens the existence of amphibians, one of the most endangered animal groups.

Fuentes de Vida

O-Live collaborates with other entities in conservation projects in the surroundings of Sierra de Cádiz.

Conejo silvestre O-Live
O-Live Environmental Association


*All the images of nests or captured bird were taken during authorised scientific experiments

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Sapillo pintojo por Laura Falcón
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