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"You are important. Protect the biodiversity"
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Give a boost to our projects


As a nonprofit organization, we exist thanks to our partners and sponsor contributions, whether material or economic, from business entities or individuals. All the benefits derived from the development of our activities are reinvested in our own conservation projects this way O-Live can continue developing its actions in order to achieve the objectives of the association in the best way possible. Your collaboration will serve both for the implementation of the conservation projects presented here, as well as our volunteer programs and environmental education. You can make your donations preferably through the account number of the association: ES12 1491 0001 2221 3861 4421 or by Paypal on the "I want to help" button.

Be part of the change! Act!

Teaming is an online tool that helps us raise funds for our projects through micro-donations of € 1 a month. The philosophy of Teaming is based on the idea that with € 1, we can not do much alone but if we join, we can achieve great things. How does it work?

Cistus albidus
Libélula O-Live

Only 1€ a month. You can only donate 1€/month. Not more not less. For the time you want.



Social causes. Teaming is a tool only for helping non-profit social causes.



Unlimited. There is no time limit. Nor do we have to reach a minimum of money or Teamers to be able to dispose of what we collect: everything that you donate goes to the project

Secure. Teaming makes a great effort in security. Maximum guarantee. Data protection and secure connection.

Conejo silvestre O-Live

With your help we can finance the equipment to construct shelters for wild rabbit and to improve their habitat.

With your donations we will get the equipment to rehabilitate ponds to support populations of amphibians and of other animals that depend on them.

Aceituna zorzaleña O-Live

Your financial support will enable us to perform several actions in the olive grove that will help to redress the natural balance of this agricultural ecosystem.

cajas nido O-Live

With your help we can acquire the materials to build nest boxes. We will place them in the Reserve in order to promote populations of specific bird species.


Help the environment through your company.


Companies can also collaborate in our conservation projects in Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. They can help us economically, actively or by providing material.

 Contact and find out how your company can contribute.

We offer:

    - Certificate of collaboration.

    - Advertising space for the sponsoring company in our website and picture of the cooperation agreement signed with the company.

    - In case of sponsorship of specific actions, the sponsoring company will be mentioned and advertised in every contact with media (press, interviews ...) undertaken as part of this activity.

    - Guided tour around the area where we are running the project.

Xylocopa violacea O-Live
Cernícalo vulgar (Falco tinnunculus) O-Live
Sponsorship registration form

If you want to collaborate through your company please fill this form. Submit it to

Thanks for your collaboration!

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*All the images of nests or captured bird were taken during authorised scientific experiments


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