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Sapillo pintojo
Fuentes de Vida Project

The Fuentes de Vida project seeks the creation of a network of water points in the Sierra de Grazalema, which can serve both as a breeding habitat for amphibious life, or as feeding or drinking points for wildlife in general. This network of water points is achieved by adapting existing points, or by creating new ones.

Restoring water points creating Fuentes de Vida started in 2017 thanks to the financing of the Banco Santander Fundation. Thanks to this collaboration, we seek to improve knowledge of amphibian populations in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, improve their conservation status by making adaptations in their reproductive ecosystems, as well as carrying out training and citizen awareness actions.

The water points are important nuclei of biodiversity, even more so in our area, where the Mediterranean climate means that hot, dry summers limit natural water resources. Water points as well as being vital for amphibians are also fundamental for other species of insects, birds, reptiles or even mammals, so the conservation of these oases of life is essential.

Project of:

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Ayuntamiento de El Bosque


*All the images of nests or captured bird were taken during authorised scientific experiments

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