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Woodchat Shrike



The environmental association O-Live has as one of its main objectives the promotion of applied research through collaboration agreements with research centers. We invite students with formation related to wildlife, conservation or agriculture to develop their projects, theses or their practices in our areas of activity.
We intend to carry out studies applied to a series of agroecological parameters, such as:

   - Entomofauna, for the characterization of insect populations in the olive grove and the design of biological pest control plans;
   - Edaphological, for the characterization of the soil and its vegetal cover. Study of the evolution of the latter and its influence on the productivity of the olive grove;
   - Characterization, distribution and dispersion studies of wild rabbit populations; study of the effectiveness of habitat adaptation measures;
   - Monitoring of bird populations with special interest in conservation and studies applied to the conservation of these populations.

Contact us and explain your project or participate in any of those raised by O-Live.



*All the images of nests or captured bird were taken during authorised scientific experiments


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