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El Torreón


El Torreón, with its 1654 meters, towers over the Sierra del Pinar as the highest peak in the province of Cádiz. The ascent to this imposing limestone massif starts from the road to the Boyar mountain pass. The climb is undertaken on the southwest side of the mountain, where we initially find the typical forest in which holm oaks, carob and mastic trees predominate. At all times the path, well-defined, climbs steeply. As we ascend, the grove will gradually clear up and we will see some scattered Phoenician junipers and Spanish firs. Where the scrub and mountain pasture become predominant, ibex are often found peering from the rocks. The last meters of this beautiful ascent compel us to use our hands to overcome some of the most difficult parts of the climb. The summit, sometimes snowy in winter, rewards us with spectacular 360 ° views of distant horizons. El Pinsapar appears hidden on the shady hillside. With clear skies, one may see Africa, Sierra Nevada, Ronda, Seville, many White Villages and the forests of Los Alcornocales National Park stretching south.



*All the images of nests or captured bird were taken during authorised scientific experiments


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